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We listen to your feedback

We have spent the last 2 years listening to event planners' concerns and suggestions in regards to an ideal event planning platform, and we have decided to create a "FREE" platform for all event planners, including full-service and partial-service event planners.

We do free marketing for you

We allow event planners to create an awesome profile on our platform, free of charge. We do some marketing on your behalf and bring potential clients in search of an event planner to you.

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We bring clients to you

Once a client reviews your profile and is interested in your services, they can contact you directly or they can message you via our private messaging system.

Platform is free for event planners

We consider event planners our partners and we make this platform free of charge for event planners in the hopes that event planners will book the venues and other service providers through our site.

Be part of our affiliate program

We will be sharing 80% of our venue booking commissions with our affiliated event planners. 

Each time an affiliated event planner books a venue for one of their clients through our platform, we will share 80% of the booking commission with that event event planner.

If you are interested in becoming one of our affiliated event planners, please fill the form below for more information and so we can contact you once this affiliate program has been completed.

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What other planners are saying about us

Free platform, free clients

We are giving all event planners a free platform to host their even planning profile. We are doing our own marketing to bring free clients to the event planners in our platform.

All we ask is that event planners use and book the venues and service providers through our platform when ever possible.

Venues and other service providers are not yet available in our platform, but they will be coming in the near future.

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