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Eczema. Even the name sounds gross. Yes, I am sure you have heard of this nasty nuisance of an itch.
Before I explain my simple steps in blasting this terrible condition, I need to get a bit scientific. I won’t
however, repeat medical terms as if I am a doctor, because I am not. My point of this article is to not
explain the detail of its existence, but to merely share with you what I experienced as a child, and what I
did to live a happier life while dealing with this irritation.
For those of you who have never heard of this skin condition, it is called Eczema, pronounced “eggs-zee-
mah” or Atopic dermatitis. It’s an ambiguous term because quite frankly we still don’t know what the
main cause of it is, but that it’s more than one medical condition happening at once. Physically, what
usually happens is that it starts with an itch or an irritation. Then the area becomes inflamed, the skin
cracks and dum-dee-dum-dum… the worse happens, lesions start to form and the infected area could
easily be scratched 1-1,000 times a day. The itchiness is uncontrollable when left untreated. The
condition takes a toll on so many babies, and even adults suffer from this well into their 40’s and
Medical professionals will prescribe creams or ointments such as Triamcinilone which is a
corticosteroids. Their main function is to alleviate the swelling and the itching. The problem is, the side
effects include thinning of the skin, and babies under 2 years old shouldn’t be using those types of
medications (unless your doctor gives permission of course)
Now that I have given you some background, please allow me to share with you how severe my
condition was growing up. I was the only one in my family who suffered from eczema. I had it on my
inner thighs, legs, my inner arms, my ankle, under my ear lobe (that area hurt the most because every
time I took off my shirt, it would get caught in my lobe and basically rip the entire area apart). It was
embarrassing for me in high school because I was always conscious of it. Countless doctors and
dermatologist would prescribe me topical creams ranging from corticosteroids to OTC products; it was a
failure each time. I would apply some creams, and it would work for a week, and then of course I would
forget. Over time, that area of my skin became lighter than the rest of my body.
And then one day in my mid-twenties, I came into a random Dermatologist office asking to buy Latisse,
an eyelash conditioner ( this is a separate story itself) and we started to talk about my eczema. This is
what he told me:
1. California weather is considered DRY.
2. My water district is likely “ HARD WATER”
3. The condition in its simplest form is basically just patches of dry skin, and in desperate need of
I was thinking to myself , “ Well duh, I know that. I put on lotion every day… it’s doesn’t do anything.”
And then what he advised me next was like the calling from the heavens. He said:

1. When you step out of the shower, DON’T towel-dry yourself ( What?? I’m cold!)
2. Get your bottle of household Vaseline, and spread yourself with the Vaseline.
a. The water droplets on your skin will be trapped inside the Vaseline barrier, which acts as
it’s own hydrating machine.
b. Do this every day when you step out of the shower. ( I mean it, every day)
c. You will see improvement within a couple of days
3. This may sound like it will be a “gooey” experience, but it will act much faster and quicker than
the leading OTC creams or lotions.
4. If the eczema is really severe, you may use the Doctor prescribed medications to help lessen the
inflammation, but after that medication is on, put on that Vaseline right away and continue it.
I went home and got right to it. And let me tell you, my skin on my body is amazing. I am not going to lie
and say it’s perfect. I still have tiny flare ups during the winter, but I just follow step 4 listed above, and I
am back to wearing dresses and shorts without any embarrassment. As a matter of fact, my better half
tells me that my skin is the softest he has ever felt. Now that, in itself deserves and award!
For all you parents out there, I know this may be burdensome having to remind your kids to do this
every day, but please do, because it will be so much better than to waste away their skin using topical
steroids. Women who are nursing or pregnant can use this method without having to fear that the
creams would seep into their blood stream. Feel free to mix the Vaseline with your favorite lotions for a
better scent. As long as you aren’t allergic to any other type of lotions, it should be fine. I have worked
with many brides-to-be, and many suffer from this condition on their elbows and eyelids. After they
follow my tips, they literally cry from happiness.
I know this sounds so simple, but I promise you that it will make a difference, if not a lot, it’s still a better
alternative. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
Cheers to a healthier, happier, and beautiful you.


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