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Your mother will tell you. Your best friend will tell you. Your cousin’s wife will tell you. It seems from the beginning of time, all the women before you will have their fair share of wedding day advice.

From a wedding planner’s stance, here are some important day of advice that you will be quite thankful for!


  1. WASH YOUR HAIR THE NIGHT OR HOURS BEFORE YOUR BRIDAL HAIRDO: Whoever believes dirty hair is best for styling is cray cray. First of all, who wants to have that slight hint of grease curl up their stylist’ nose during the curling phase? Second of all, if we were led to believe that clean and squeaky hair is hard to style, then we need to also believe our professional stylist will bring awesome products to help dinge it up, yes? For instance, Big Sexy Hair https://www.ulta.com/big-sexy-hair-powder-play-lite-soft-volumizing-texturizing-powder?productId=xlsImpprod15781057  has tons of volumizing powders, spritz and sprays. Your stylist will appreciate a clean face and hair, I promise you! And also, let’s make sure it’s dry and not sitting damp on your head.
  2. LEAVE YOUR PHONE TO YOUR MAID OF HONOR OR BEST MAN: It doesn’t matter who is calling you or texting you. Do not fret over picking up your phone. Anything wedding related should be left to your trusted coordinator or MOH! Constantly texting and looking at the phone increases anxiety levels, not to mention how much time it takes away from your hair and makeup session. This will surely alleviate any wedding day nerves and help you stay close to your timeline. Often times, a bride will pick up the phone and see a message that’ll take things off course. She would feel inclined to respond or just simple moving around makes it difficult for the stylist. Save yourself the hassle and chuck the phone ( just for the day of course!) for the grooms, it’s not as bad because their morning prep session is much more at ease. Either way, both bride and groom shouldn’t have to worry about anything. Leave it to your wedding party and planner!
  3. DO WRITE A LETTER TO YOUR SPOUSE: Besides photos, video captures and selfies, I can’t tell you how important it is to write a letter to your love that morning of. It encompasses so much emotion the both of you are sharing. From the butterflies, the nervousness, and all of the excitement that is to come. It might sound like an easy thing to neglect since everything else sits heavier on your day of list. But taking a moment to do a sentimental gesture will be the one thing you’ll appreciate decades down the line.
  4. SAY YES TO FIRST LOOKS: Grooms, listen up! This one used to be a split between all of my clients. But as social media takes on more and more of our lives by the instant shares and tagging, let the moment of seeing your bride in her stunning dress and her beautiful essence be shared exclusively with just you two. Everyone else will see her when she walks down the aisle—but that first look? That should be yours to keep. Back then, everyone opted to see their bride for the first time when walking down the aisle. But nowadays with such intense schedules and activities, having the first look means you can transition straight into wedding party photos- which is a win!
  5. SUNSET PHOTOS: Most events will be about 5 hours from start to finish. Hold up, don’t get your panties in a twist, I said MOST. With that being said you are spending 1 hour for your ceremony, maybe you can slip in some photos, there is 1 hour for cocktail and the rest is your reception dinner with all of the dinner activities. Somewhere in those hours, work with your photographer to slip away for 30 min sunset photos. You will appreciate this advice, because when the day is over the only thing you will have to look back on are photos and footages. Take the time to soak in your connection with your love. The day is about you two and taking the time to drown out the music, the abundance of guests gushing at both of your attire, will mean you have more time to focus on you two. Why not capture these moments. Don’t worry about your guests, they are happily eating and drinking anyway!
  6. STOP TRIPPIN’ OVER THE SMALL STUFF: Seriously, those with a controlling nature- this is for you! I love you all, type A through Z but the ones who suffer the most, are the ones who expect everything will go exactly how they planned it. This is not to say that nothing will go as planned, but all to say that you must allow it to flow. Remember that you hired a team of professionals and so you will have to trust their expertise to execute. All of the meetings leading up to the day of is especially for “ what if’s” and “ plan b’s” – but if you convince yourself to allow the flow, it really will. Even if the kitchen was on fire, it’s not your job to know or manage that. Your hero’s will save the day and the only job you have is to cherish every moment with your newlywed.


There are tons of wedding day advice which would affect the efficiency of your day. I focused on some practical tips to help ease nerves but also for you to take the moment in. Many couples have woken up the next day wishing they worried less and enjoyed more. Or some wished they scheduled in more privacy time with their groom or bride. I love watching when my clients steal away from the crowd and stand at a point away from everyone. It’s just them holding hands and talking while the rest of the wedding guests are dancing away. While I will never really know what they are saying to each other, I know between them two, they will remember forever.


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