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Caught you with that article title didn’t I? While this may feel like click-bait, I have a very good reason in stating so. I have watched the wedding and event industry change in the last decade. While I don’t have double deuces in the years of experiences as some of my fantabulous industry friends, I can tell you how much social media has change the playing field. The topic of social media can be dragged on to fill many conversational hours, but today I want to focus on why Pinterest has killed it for so many couples and wedding designers. Yes, we LOVE Pinterest and it’s done wonders in showcasing beautiful work. But it also set some unrealistic expectations for the wedding and event world. Hence #pinterestfail became a thing. Check out my thoughts below:

Firstly, everything is PERFECT on Pinterest. From the way the sun highlights the bride’s cheekbone to the way the florals lay on an 8 foot-tall arch likely custom-built and worth a gazillion dollars. EVERYTHING LOOKS FLIPPIN’ AMAZE-BALLS! Of course it does! Who showcases the ugly labor behind all of these pretty things? Who showcases the bloopers or the bad weather that could have annihilated the whole design? As much as we showcase amazing photos, there are hundreds of elements that have contributed to that perfect moment. Don’t get hung up on that actual photo you saw on Pinterest. Love what you see, and communicate why you love it but don’t expect that exact thing because wouldn’t that be considered un-original anyway? From your photographer to your designer, all of these folks work hard to make it right for your style! Talk to your designer about what you like and it then would be a collaborative effort between the production team which are: your florist, your designer, your planner, the photographer, your set up time, and the weather ( yes, this means God) All of these must align for that perfect Pinterest moment. Allow for the beauty of your wedding or event to shine through without hitting the expectation of that exact photo you wanted. Your goal should be the ambiance of what you wanted, not the replica of that Pinterest inspiration photo- makes sense?

Secondly, what a bride or groom to-be pulls from a simple photo can be interpreted in different ways. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? It can be easily misunderstood as to what they really wanted.
I’ve been given a Pinterest board with 10 different floral designs but all have similar color scheme. Or sometimes the bride goes pinning- happy for anything pretty, and none of them have a rhyme or reason. Planners won’t tell their clients this, but it’s one of the many factors that can drive a planner insane- a Pinterest board that is all over the place. Now I want to be clear. This isn’t Pinterest’s fault ‘nor the pinner! It’s like walking into the world’s best restaurant and being presented with this amazing selection
and you end up ordering everything because you couldn’t help it! So to avoid this kind of chaos, restrict yourself to 4 categories : COLOR | STYLE | SEASON | BUDGET and then only conduct searches based on those parameters. They say that you shouldn’t get emotionally attached to things, but when it comes to the figuring out your parameters, let the emotions run. Why? Because it helps you decide what floats your boat! You will find yourself not running amuck and it would help alleviate the chaos.

Thirdly, Pinterest doesn’t really tell nearly-weds how much that inspiration photo really costs. As the couples are happily pinning away and presenting their boards to their florists and planners, 90% of nearly-weds are experiencing the pain of sticker shock as never before as the reality seeps in. The prices of labor has skyrocketed and thanks to Pinterest, every bride wants what they can’t afford or not willing to spend. Does this have to be such a doom and gloom moment? No, not really. I think as professionals
we have to tactfully ( and gracefully) educate the consumer. But as the pinner, to help avoid the heavy disappointment, I strongly urge you to build your board with a reality based rules in mind. For instance, gather a few photos that you are drawn to ( one that follows your 4 parameters) and then choose a low key design and then a grander scale photo. Add that to your board and have a chat with your designer and vendors as to where the prices will range. This will definitely avoid disappointment because if you
can’t quite afford the grander photo inspiration, at least you still get your lower-key design. If you are so fixated on that grand scale, it will hit you like a sack a bricks when you can’t have what you’ve been dreaming for your wedding. It’s the responsibility of the designer to set an actual foundation to what they can and cannot do, but it would be prudent for the couple to exercise logical reasoning as well.So give yourself room and options and trust that it will be everything you wanted.

I hope these tips will help your journey in designing that beautiful wedding of yours. Remember that all weddings are beautiful and Pinterest is here as a resource and has done wonders for this industry. We just have to be mindful of what we are creating too!


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