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Social Media During the COVID-19 Pandemic for Event Planners

As time passes during this stage of the distancing by the COVID-19, the event companies have been adapting to the change through social media, doing their best to remain in the market.
Here’s what’s appropriate now.
Uncertainty has led us to ask ourselves some questions that concern us during this time at home. Platforms like Instagram have long been effective ways for event professionals to share their work and find new business. But with live meetings temporarily suspended, how can companies find new content to post? Is it appropriate to be more personal?
What platforms are effective now? All my events are on hold. How can I find new content to post?

Use photos from past events or inspirational images that align with your brand to simply keep the conversation with your followers.
The key is to stay true to your brand and brand values. Every post doesn’t have to include a call to action that says “Buy from me” ’for it to be promoting your business.
Good idea.
A great idea is to post valuable content for your audience: what do they need to know? or what advice can you give them for free?

How else can I use social media to help my go-to vendors?

Give credit. Give credit to the team you always work with, photographs, videographers, the events they have done together, memories of the day, inspiration from Pinterest, and another good option is who you would like to work with in the future. Tag all the vendors in your Instagram post and story

How else can my social media act as a useful resource?
Beyond inspirational photos, use this time to position yourself as an expert. If your social media pages become a go-to place for resources and solutions, people will remember it when business picks up again.

Should I be getting more personal than usual?
We are seeing everyone in their ‘natural habitat,’ from news anchors to celebrities on video calls. It’s like peeling back a layer of expectations people have of others, and the strive for perfection in your digital image.”
Show the day to day that we have during this isolation stage is a strategy that is being implemented in the last weeks, such as exercise routines, beauty, lives on a specific topic with experts in the field, without a doubt it is the most applied strategy to be closer to your followers and create a link.

How often should I post, and what platforms are the most useful right now?
Give others value ideas, advice, inspiration, beauty, laughter, or just an escape for a few minutes, or wait until you can, and just interact with others. As for what platforms to use, the use of Instagram Stories and Facebook groups has increased, while web pages decrease.

Do people even want to hear from me right now, though?
Without a doubt, more than ever, our followers want to see our content. Routine life has changed and now we have a bit of time left over than usual, so generating specific content for these times is key. So we can reach them indirectly with posts or stories without overwhelming in a direct mail.

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